Granite vs. Quartzite—What’s The Difference?

If you have been shopping for stone lately for your kitchen countertops, you’ve probably seen some slabs of quartzite. That’s because more suppliers are starting to carry it. What exactly is quartzite and how is it different than granite, you may ask?  Well—according the the MIA’s Glossary of Stone Industry terms, a quartzite is, ” A metamorphic quartz-based stone formed in exceedingly hard layers. In some deposits, intrusion of minerals during the formation process create unusual coloration.” While granite is an excellent choice for countertops and one of the hardest natural stone materials available, quartzites are also quite durable. In fact, according to the MIA, “Quartzite can be of exceptional strength, density, and hardness,” which also makes it a good choice for countertops.

Many quartzites have very vibrant colors, as well as  unique movement and flow patterns.

Following are a few pictures of quartzite that I wanted to share:

Bronzite  Quartzite

Calypso Quartzite

Fusion Quartzite

Vogue Quartzite

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