Stunning Marble Countertops for Your Maple Grove Property

Marble in MNThere are few things as beautiful as natural stone, which is why marble countertops are always in demand. Made from appealing stone that forms in numerous colors and patterns, marble countertops are incredibly durable and add a stunning feature to a kitchen or bathroom. If you like the idea of having marble countertops that look amazing and are built to last in your St. Michael, or Maple Grove area residence, we have an exceptional selection available.

Marble Countertops Are Popular in Rogers Homes

Unlike some other countertop materials, marble is fairly easy to maintain, and looks amazing. Although it can be prone to staining, most people with marble countertops find that the benefits of this choice outweigh any drawbacks. A traditional decorative stone that's been crafted for interior use since Roman times, marble is the perfect choice in almost any home.

Marble Maintenance and Care

At Paramount Granite Company, we often field questions from customers, in regards to maintenance & care for granite and MN marble countertops. While marble is a relatively hard material, it is not as hard as granite. It is also made up of a different mineral composition. Therefore, marble care & maintenance is somewhat different. Like granite, MN marble is relatively easy to maintain. The best cleaning solution for both granite and marble is soap and water: both materials require only that they be cleaned with a soft white cloth, some hot water, and dish soap.

Since marble is a calcite-based stone, it has a delicate chemical composition that may interact in a damaging way to some cleaning products, or agents. Spills should be cleaned up promptly on both surfaces, but especially marble, as some acid based foods, or products such as lemons, wine, vinegar, liquors, tomato sauce, perfumes, lotions, etc. may actually etch the stone, leaving causing it to lose its sheen (Please note that this can be even more prominent if the stone is honed). Water should also be wiped up promptly on marble tops, as it can it can also etch the stone over time. At Paramount Granite Company, we seal all of our marble and granite countertops, discount granite, and stone before leaving our facility, which helps prevent staining.

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