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Bethel MN Granite Company

Paramount Granite Company is involved in Bethel MN Granite Sales including covering most of MN. We specialize in granite countertops in MN providing both fabrication and installation. We have a large selection of colors to choose from for your Bethel MN countertops including our Group A, Group B, and Group C colors, as well as our Exclusive Colors that are hand selected from our suppliers, or brought in by containers. We also have many more colors available that are indiviidually priced. Whether you are looking for a stone with a consistent look for your countertops, or one that has flow, veining, or movement, we can help you make the selection that is right for you and your home. We know it is important to find a color that works with your decor and style.

Keep in mind that we not only sell countertops in Bethel MN, but also sell sinks and faucets, as a convenience for our customers. We feature Magnum sinks, including our Magnum 501 model and Magnum 502 model. We also sell a variety of other brands including, Kohler. If you have a sink model already picked out, keep in mind that we can quote it for you, so you have a comparison price. We feature Delta faucets for our faucet line, as well as work with a wide variety of other brands and models for your convenience.

While we seal all of our countertops before they leave our facility for installation, we do offer a few maintenance and care products that you choose to use down the road, including a maintenance and care kit that includes both a sealer and countertop cleaner. We also provide a 1 year Maintenance and Care package that you may purchase.

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